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08 April 2024View: New snapshot of UK Fisheries and update on quota for 202412 February 2024View: Fishing industry needs radical change of government thinking09 February 2024News: Cod quotas 202422 July 2023News: 'We are at 50% of the quota we had': boss of UK's last long-range trawler rues 'squandered' Brexit hopes20 July 2023News: ‘Pro-pelagic bias could spell end of distant water fishery’20 July 2023View: 'Wilful neglect and discrimination'20 June 2023View: Daily Echo Sounder27 November 2022View: Outcome of UK talks with Norway: another body blow for fishers in the north east of England29 August 2022View: One Easy Choice for our new PM24 August 2022View: Latest Distant Fishing Scorecard 202216 May 2022View: Ways to wean the UK off its Russian fish habit: support the UK to catch what it needs!05 May 2022View: Trade and fisheries negotiations with Greenland07 April 2022News: MPs visit to Kirkella in Hull22 March 2022News: Let UK trawlers like Hull's Kirkella go back  to sea and stop 20,000 tonnes of Russian fish being imported to Britain - Yorkshire Post21 March 2022News: Stop importing £200m worth of cod and haddock from Russia says former Army officer and UK Fisheries boss | Yorkshire Post21 December 2021News: UK quotas with Norway - coverage by BBC04 October 2021News: Brexit betrayal: Taking back our seas? We're laying people off says FISHING BOSS30 September 2021News: BREXIT BALANCE SHEET Report for NFFO27 July 2021News: Powerful voices back call for trade remedy against Norway10 May 2021View: Latest Distant Fishing Scorecard29 April 2021News: UK government sinks British distant-waters fleet19 April 2021View: MPs: call on government to save distant-waters fishing12 April 2021View: Britain's forgotten trawlermen demand answers17 March 2021View: A great deal with Norway is on the table – the UK must grab it with both hands16 March 2021View: Smart deal within reach for British fishing?01 February 2021View: Distant Waters Fleet OpEd15 January 2021View: Distant fisheries scorecard04 January 2021View: End of the Line for Distant-Waters Fishing?14 December 2020News: Could no deal Brexit net Norway a big chunk of UK fish and chip market? ITV NEWS10 December 2020View: Save Britain’s distant-waters fishing!06 December 2020View: An EU deal is just the start for distant-waters fishing06 December 2020News: Last voyage for UK distant-waters fishing?07 September 2020View: Win or lose in fishing talks?06 July 2020View: UK can order tasty fishing deal from Nordic states 25 May 2020News: Kirkella returns to Hull after virus forces three-month double trip14 April 2020News: Use your local chippy to save our fishing fleets: Sir Barney White-Spunner02 April 2020News: UK Fisheries – protecting our team, our business and the UK’s food supply10 February 2020News: It's brilliant we're taking back our waters, but UK fishermen cannot thrive in isolation13 January 2020News: UK Fisheries boss: Next six months will 'shape future for fishermen'10 December 2019News: Barney White-Spunner: The post-election six months that will shape the future for our fishermen.05 December 2019News: Fishing fleets deserve better than this if they’re not to be sunk by Brexit19 November 2019News: Clearing the fog on UK fishing09 September 2019News: No-deal Brexit could severely damage UK Fisheries' work in Hull warns industry boss07 September 2019News: UK Fisheries boss warns of 'devastating' impact of no-deal Brexit03 September 2019News: Peterhead welcomes largest white fish visitor to-date31 August 2019News: Giant trawler breaks harbour record in north-east town16 August 2019News: Listen to Jane Sandell, UK Fisheries CEO, on the BBC Today programme, talk about fisheries and Brexit26 July 2019News: Letter to The Times: Cabinet carnage, fishing rights and free ports26 June 2019News: We must not let no-deal Brexit sink Yorkshire’s proud fishing industry07 June 2019News: Fish & Chips proudly remains our national dish23 May 2019News: Kirkella - New Hull factory freezer trawler24 April 2019News: HRH The Princess Royal names state-of-the-art fishing vessel Kirkella15 February 2019View: Keeping our fish & chips British31 October 2018News: UK Fisheries appoints Sir Barney White-Spunner to chair Advisory Board


Kirkella tour
Kirkella in Hull
Kirkella on the Humber
Kirkella Port 2
Kirkella Bow 2
Kirkella Birdseye 2
Kirkella Naming Ceremony and VIP Reception
Kirkella lunch party at Cutty Sark Museum
Kirkella Great British Fish & Chips event at Greenwich
Kirkella speech by HRH The Princess Royal
Kirkella passing through Tower Bridge
Kirkella BBC News
HRH The Princess Royal names Kirkella
Kirkella cutaway animation
Sir Barney White-Spunner, UK Fisheries Ltd, Interview
Kirkella General Tour
Kirkella Factory Tour


Kirkella trawling
Kirkella on Humber
Kirkella drone footage
Kirkella drone footage
Kirkella drone footage
The Kirkella Naming celebration lunch at the Cutty Sark Museum
The Fish Fryers free fish & chip event at Cutty Sark Gardens for 2,500 locals
The City of Hull Brass Band at Cutty Sark Gardens
Sir Barney White-Spunner, Chairman of the Advisory Board, UK Fisheries, at the Kirkella Naming celebration dinner at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Kirkella sailing upstream through Tower Bridge
Kirkella sailing downstream through Tower Bridge
HRH The Princess Royal with Graham Barney, Factory Manager, Kirkella
HRH The Princess Royal with Charlie Waddy, First Mate, on the bridge of Kirkella
HRH The Princess Royal unveiling a model of Kirkella presented by UK Fisheries to the National Maritime Museum
HRH The Princess Royal Naming Kirkella at Greenwich
HRH The Princess Royal meeting Stig Maersk, Musical Director, and players in the City of Hull Brass Band
HRH The Princess Royal making her address at the Kirkella Naming Ceremony in Greenwich
2,500 local people in Greenwich enjoying free Kirkella-caught cod & chips
Sir Barney White-Spunner, Chairman of the Advisory Board, UK Fisheries Ltd
UK Fisheries infographic
Kirkella poster
Cutaway illustration of Kirkella
UK Fisheries Ltd logo